The charger for electric cars in a composite lighting pole is a combination of two innovations and accelerates the expansion of infrastructure in the field of EV charging.


The well-developed, existing network supplying external lighting currently has a large surplus of connection power (modernization of luminaires for LED sources), which can be perfectly used for charging electric cars.

This significantly reduces the cost of installing the charger. In practice it's enough to replace a classic lighting pole with a pole with a charger. One power phase provides the lighting function, the other two are used for EV charging. Of course, such a charger can also be installed on a newly created lighting network, e.g. in a housing estate or hotel parking lot.

Composite is a material friendly to our health and the environment. Research carried out in Scandinavia shows that metal poles during their life cycle are very harmful to people and the environment, emitting various types of metals. In addition, the composite is characterized by the highest resistance ti mechalnical shocks and chemical factors - road salt, plant protestion chemicals or animal urine. 

Alumast has combined an innovative solution such as composite poles with electric car chargers.

Smartpole Chargwe is a two point charging station (2x8kW, Type 2 sockets) for electic vehicles.
The Charger was built into a composite lighting pole. This solution perfectly combines the possibility of charging electic vehicles with the charging point lighting function.
The pole made of composites can have any shape and color. Architects and designers can adjustthe charger to the current aesthetics, so it can become an elementthat beautifies the public space.


Smartpole Charger is a normal power charger, dedicated to customers, who want to raise the standard of their facilities, in line with general trends related to electromobility and ecology. They are also a great solution for local governments, which are legally obliged to develop electic vehicle charging infrastructure.


  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • shipping companies
  • shopping centers
  • office buildings
  • city and communal offices
  • post offices
  • parking lots at museums, theaters, cinemas
  • neighborhood car parks
  • recreational facilities

Our goal is to provide innovative products supporting the rapid development of electromobility. We enable the effective expansion of the electric vehicle charging network using the existing and new lighting infrastructure.

Technical parameters of Smartpole Charger:

  • Car charging - 2x8kW Type 2
  • Overcurrent protection - MCB
  • Residual current protection - class B RCD
  • Energy measurement - MID class meters
  • Authorization - RFID, GSM
  • Protection class - IP 54
  • Mechanical resistance - IK10
  • Height of lighting pole - 3m, 5m or 7m

Benefits of using Smartpole Charger:

  • The possibility of mounting the charger on the existinf or new network supplying external lighting
  • For local governments to fulfill the obligations for hotel and catering facilities
  • A great way to attract new customers for hotel and catering facilities
  • raising the standard and image of the facility
  • pro-ecological investment
  • combination of charging and lighting functions
  • Full service safety – the composite is an excellent insulator
  • Resistance to external factors and vandalism – the charger mounted inside the pole
  • Use of lighting poles as an optimal location for charging station users (parking lots, parking bays)
  • Possibility of installing additional devices inside the pole, e.g. motion detectors, Wifi router
  • No need to request additional power allocation