What can we do with this electricity? We can use it in any way - including to charge the batteries in electric car!

Charging an electric car with electricity generated from a photovoltaic installation - is it worth it?

Sooner or later we want to ask a question “IS IT WORTH IT?” … Then let’s see how the return on investment costs looks like.

Let's assume that we will cover 20,000 km with our electric car during the year. This value is close to the european average. For example, we will choose the most popular electric car in Europe - Nissan Leaf (2016) version 24 kWh.

In this case, the energy consumption per 1 km is, according to the manufacturer, 150 Wh / km. Assuming the mileage of 20 000 km, we will achieve the energy consumption of 3000 000 Wh - 3 000 kWh. To cover this demand with solar energy, we will need a 3.5 kWp solar installation.

The cost of such installation for a house on a sloping roof is approximately PLN 18,000.

For comparison, a car with a diesel engine that will cover a distance of 20,000 km during a year with an average fuel consumption of 6 L / 100 km will burn about 1,200 L diesel, which will give us costs (at an average price of PLN 4.73 per 1 liter of diesel - data of April 26, 18, from e-petrol.pl) at PLN 5,676. For gasoline engines, this will be an even larger amount.

Comparing those two values, we can easily calculate, that when supplying an electric car with energy from its own solar power plant, the investment in the PV installation will pay off after just over 3 years!