Normal charging (up to 22kW) is the optimal solution for places where owners of electric cars stop for a long time. With single-phase charging with a power close to 8kW, it takes about 5 hours to fully charge an electric car equipped with a 40kWh battery (eg Nissan Leaf). 

An office worker during working hours or a guest staying at a hotel are therefore able to fully charge the battery in their car. While by using the fitness center or spending time in a restaurant for about 2 hours, we can recharge the battery by over 15%. Smartpole Charger is perfect solution for sych locations. By using the existing lighting infrastructure in the parking lot, we are able to enable customers to charge electric cars, while increasing the standard and image of the facility. 

An investment in Smartpole Charger is also an economical solution from a financial point o view. Replacing a standard lighting pole with a Smartpole Charger is considered a lighting modernization and not a new building subject to building regulations. Thanks to this, you don't need a new project or applying for a building permit. This shoetens the implementation time and significantly redyces the cost of the entire investment. The installation of the Smartpole Charger only consist in replacing the existing lighting pole with a pole with an integrated charger for electric cars. The estimated cost of such works in approximately PLN 2,500.00. In addition, the existing luminaire can be reinstalled on the Smartpole Charger. Charging can be financed by the electric car user (authorization via RFID card or mobile application) or provided free of charge bythe owner of the facility as an additional service. 

The use of Smartpole Charger allows you to maintain the functions of external lighting in conjunction with charging electric cars, perfectly matching the current trends related to electromobility. It is an investment that will easily pay off for owners of hotels, restaurants and other recreational facilities.