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Why charging stations?

The electric car charging station is an innovative response to the dynamic development of electromobility in Europe and the need to develop electric car charging networks by local governments in connection with the Act on electromobility and alternative fuels.

Installation of an electric car charging station can be an ideal way to attract new customers, improve the comfort and standard of living of residents, and promote ecological, environmentally friendly solutions. In addition to pro-ecological values, this solution adds prestige and a new interesting visual aspect, becoming a showcase of an object or city.


Fast charging

Why our station?

Smartpole charger is a charging station with a capacity of 2 x 8kW, the time to charge the car up to 80% is about 2 hours. This solution is a response to the needs of quick and effective construction of a publicly available charging network based on a street lighting network, i.e. in optimal locations from the point of view of electric car users.

The installation does not require obtaining approvals and building permits, and there is no need to expand the existing electrical network. The product combines the function of charging vehicles with the simultaneous function of street lighting.

  • Charging time up to 80% 2 hours
  • Station power 2 x 8kW
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EV charging station



responding to customer needs and the Electromobility Act


Enables the location of charging station in attractive and accessible places in downtown and residential areas

2 in 1

Combines the function of vehicle charging and lightning

Ease of use

Automatic switching on and off, client application or website

Respect for urban space

No need to install separate car charging devices

Low installation cost

Enables the use of existing or newly built lighting columns as the optimal location for charging points for drivers

Quick installation

Effective expansion of the charger network based on the existing lighting network- installation of the charging station on the basis of replacing the existing pole, no need for additional power allocation and additional permits


It is ecological due to the use of composite material


It shows high vandal resistance and durability of about 40 years

Many possibilities

The composite makes it possible to install additional devices of the Internet of Things inside the composite pole (the composite has the feature of electromagnetic permeability) – Smart City elements e.g. environmental quality monitoring, city monitoring.


response to the Act on electromobility

More guests

for many customers, the ability to charge the vehicle will be a key factor when choosing a place to sleep or use the catering services


increasing the prestige of the object and a positive image


by broadcasting ads or graphics on the pole

Many possibilities

the composite makes it possible to mount additional devices of the Internet of Things inside the composite pole (the composite has the feature of electromagnetic permeability) e.g. monitoring, Wi-Fi, speaker, USB port, etc.


the ability to adjust the pole pattern to the character and appearance of the object


the possibility of additional revenues (charging available for a fee or free)

Public parking lots, parking bays along the streets

Interchange centers

Enterprise squares and car parks, at airports and stations

Shopping center

Charging and lighting function

Advantages of poles

  • Mobile and multimedia solutions
  • Low CO2 emissions
  • Increase security
  • Wireless lighting management
  • 100% recycling
  • Lightweight construction
  • Wide range of colors


Additional possibilities

  • Charging vehicles with the simultaneous lighting function of the charging place
  • Ease of use – automatic on and off, client application or website
  • Full service safety – the composite is an excellent insulator
  • Resistance to external factors and vandalism – the charger mounted inside the pole
  • Use of lighting poles as an optimal location for charging station users (parking lots, parking bays)
  • The possibility of quick and effective expansion of the charger network based on the existing power grid – building of the charging station on the basis of replacing existing pole
  • Respect for urban space - no need to place separate devices
  • Possibility of installing additional devices inside the pole, e.g. motion detectors, Wifi router
  • No need to request additional power allocation


Technical specifications

For more information on the EV charging station for electric cars, see the SMARTPOLE CHARGER data sheet.

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